Chennai cops tell banks to install CCTV cameras and alarms in ATMs

The city’s police have issued stringent guidelines for banks following a few attempts by burglars to steal money by breaking into ATMs. The guidelines include installing burglar alarms at ATM’s as well as night vision CCTV cameras.

Issues related to security at ATM kiosks and bank branches were discussed in a meeting presided over by additional commissioners P. Thamaraikannan and Rajesh Das and joint commissioner R. Thirugnanam on Tuesday afternoon with representatives of 25 banks in the city.

The officers urged banks to immediately install high resolution CCTV cameras, preferably with night vision, at ATM kiosks. They said, cameras should be placed in tamper-proof cases. They said, a security guard must be present outside the kiosk at all times, and should check all customers entering, especially people attempting to use the ATM while wearing helmets.

Burglar alarms fitted with sensors must also be installed at ATMs so that an alarm is triggered immediately if someone tries to tamper with the machine in an attempt to reach to the safe containing the cash.

Need for CCTV coverage at bank branches were also stressed by the officers. The officers told bank representatives, apart from an armed guard outside the bank, adequate security arrangements should be in place during large money transfers from the branch.

Edited by Obed Joshua (Sathiyam TV)

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